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hi a good friend of our family was accused and bailed almost a year ago for theft we are convinced she didnt do it as are all her friends we are both disabled and are helping all we can but there are those in a small town who are making her life even starting up a website and saying awful things about her she is a wreck she has custody of her 3 children but is barely capable of looking after herself her youngest has gone to his dad who lives to far away for regujlar contact i mightg add he was take3n not given the middle one has started refusing to go toschool and become very aggressive towards mum 12yr old the eldest is a girl who in a few short months like her younger brother has gone through a major personality shift she needs the police/cps to put up or shut up it has already left lifetime scars on 4 people at least and shows no sign of ending tonight she was driven from her home by a gang with egg flour and stingbombs all over the front of the house and in the letterbox even if we are wrong and she has done this crime why should she start being punished with unauthorised punishment before being found guilty and if as we believe she is innocent who can give her back the year without her baby her mental health her relationships with her 12 and 14 yr old who stands a very good chance of being pregnant by a non minor it is a real mess and i find it sickening that we can allow people who have been shown no evidence other than an accusation be left to get in this state and the impact is telling on me and my wife and children who have been up till 11:30 tonight 11 yrs old looking after her boy while we have been prparing blankiets on the floor while the police interview her about tonights thuggery and its seem no one is doing anything and leaving her in limbo please help us all there is nowhere else to go

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