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I am a Personal Trainer and I signed a contract on 1st of Nov 2009 for 6 Months. The contract finished at the end of April. The rent is charged on 1st of every month. I already paid for May, which now is outside of contract. I continue to perform as a Personal Trainer and I agree to pay this way. The contract stipulates a 3 Month notice and I quote: " This Licence Agreement is for an initial rolling term of six months. Either party may give not less then three months notice in writing of termination to the other party at any time provided that such notice shall not expire before the above rolling term period as specified above in the Licence Agreement. The parties shall meet no later than two months prior to the end of this Licence Agreement and shall negotiate in good faith to agree terms to extend the term of this Licence Agreement" We have not meet 2 months prior the termination of contract. Does the 3 months notice condition still applies even after the termination of contract?

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