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I have a small piece of land, about two hundred metres, from my back garden. This land was included with the property when I purchased it. I want to detach the land from my house deeds so that I can sell the land separately from the house. Can I do this?

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Paul Outhwaite

Paul Outhwaite's response

Yes you can. You do, however need to check a couple of things first.

If you have a mortgage on the property you would need to seek the lender's permission to sell. This often involves them having to carry out a survey to ascertain that there is still sufficient equity left after the land is sold.

You would also need a Land Registry compliant plan (which may be available from your deeds, depending on the scale of the Ordinance Survey plan) to attach to any sale contract and transfer.

The solicitor acting for you in the sale should ensure that mutual rights of way and easements for cabling and the like (if necessary) are granted and reserved where appropriate.