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dear farida my wife and daughter have been here since nov 2008 on a spouse visa on febuary 24 this will expire. on november 22 2010 1 aoolied for a flrm so that my wife could gain more time to do the nessary paper work so that we can apply for indefinite leave to remain. i filled in all the application form and sent it of on the 22 nov 2010 ukb took payment from my bank on the 2 december we then recived a letter saying that they have receveied are application. and that we needed to make a appointment for biometrics for my wife and step daughter which i did we went down to lunar house on the 17 january and my wifes and step daughters figer prints and photos were taken they also went through are application forms after about two hours they called us to the desk and informed us that everthing was in order and we should get are passports back in 4 weeks with new visas for my wife and step daughter. a week later we recived a letter from ukb asking my wife to send in evidence of a certificate of level a1 or higher in english. my wife does not have this as this was the reason for applying for the flrm. as it states on the application form why are you applying for a flrm and i ticked the box stating that she needs more time to gain this paper work. i contated ukb was not allowed to talk to our case worker but spoke to a advisor who said that the laws had changed on the 29 nov 2010 and that if my wife did not provide the paper work by the 17 febuary then she and my step daughter would have to go back to vietnam and gain the nesary paper by a ukb approved school in vietnam. and then we would have to apply for a new visa in vietnam. i have written to my case worker asking for more time so i can get my wife into a collage to gain the qualification that they require. but they have not responded back. we are so worried as they have sent my passport back but kept my wifes and step daughters. we care and love eachother very much we are both in employment my step daughter is in her first year at secondary school and is doing well. she has represented the school on many occassions and i feel it would do a lot of damage removeing her and my wife. and i why after checking all are paper work in croydon have they done this. what should i do i am scared that some one is going to come to our home and take my wife and daughter away and also they have told us that we will lose our fee of £650. please advise us what we can do as we are very worried thank you for your time. geoff

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